Diary 5.10

This program evolved with my need for keeping a Diary, over the past twelve years. It is pretty stable, since its download statistics make me believe I have at least 300 users, but hardly anyone ever notifies me of a bug or a wish for more functionality. It comes with a complete manual, which is hardly ever needed because of it's intuitive user interface.

What do you get when you download Diary right here from the links below? No fancy install procedure, but just a simple ZIP-file. Unpack it in a fresh diary, and have fun! It is completely freeware, and if you want the sources, just download them...

For the sake of completeness, here's a table which features links to some of the recent versions, and a paypal link in case you REALLY like it:


versionprogramC++ sourcesRemarks
5.10 ZIP ZIP edit shortcut dialog, webfiles changed position, no function keys before password
5.09 ZIP ZIP multiple more or less minute changes: 36 images per day, printing fixed.
5.08 ZIP ZIP multiple more or less minute changes: save now, timestamp jump, restore current todolist.
5.07 ZIP ZIP Auto upgrade warning, active todolist is stored, minor bugs etc.
5.06 ZIP ZIP Finetuned auto update, 5 more todo lists, weird msg bug.
5.05 ZIP ZIP Now ready for mini-laptops, with auto-update.
5.03 ZIP ZIP Image loading on XP fixed, other minor changes
5.02 ZIP ZIP Better image quality, next and previous image
5.01 ZIP ZIP Resizeability for main, image and search dialog
4.18 ZIP ZIP small enhancements, page to print now saved, etc.
4.17 ZIP ZIP larger 1024x786 screen area now required, printing added...
4.13 ZIP ZIP the classic: about 800x600, limited functionality...